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Fins Motorcycles the team Redhill



Fin is the Founder and Managing Director of Fins Motorcycles.

When Fin was very young, on Saturdays ITV World of Sport showed Motorcross, which sparked a lifelong enthusiasm for motorcycles.

Fin’s first bike, at the age of 12, was a 50cc Phillips, closely followed by a variety of small capacity bikes. From that age on, he has been repairing and riding them.

In 1988 Fin opened his first shop in a small unit and quickly increased in size until reaching capacity in the original location. In 2011 the business moved to the current location.

During the 1990s Fin was very successful racing a variety Yamaha 2-strokes with Bemsee. He still owns some of those race bikes.

The first famous motorcycle racer that Fin was introduced to was Stanley Woods from Ireland, as his father worked for him many years ago. Over the years Fin watched Barry Sheen’s career with interest and enjoyment, and now avidly follows Valentino Rossi.

These days Fin still enjoys track days, trials riding, road riding, and enjoys all aspects of motorcycling.

Since 2014 he has taken part in the annual Pioneer Run on his trusted 1913 Triumph.



Grant’s interest in motorbikes was due to his dad having one, and he enjoyed riding pillion with him.

In 2007 Grant began working at Fins, starting as an assistant on the sales desk. Now you’ll find him running the show from the front desk and organising everything and everyone (including Fin). He’s in charge of sales, booking MOT/services, ordering parts, coordinating the workshop activities with the workshop manager, and organising collections/deliveries.

Grant’s love of watching racing started his own participation in 2011. He also encouraged his girlfriend Monica to get involved (see more about that on Monica’s page). Although not employed as a mechanic Grant spends much of his spare time preparing racing motorcycles.

Grant lives with his girlfriend Monica locally and they are both motorcycle enthusiasts.

Grant’s favourite motorcycle riders are Valentino Rossi and Monica Isaac.



Lorne’s father got him his first bike when he was 4 which was a Honda 50 Monkey Bike. He rode this around his large back garden with his brothers, and began fixing bikes (helping dad) from around the age of 10. His first road bike was when he was age 16.

Lorne started participating in track days when he was 17 and enjoyed it immensely. Now he tends to watch, but he was always there as a spectator during Fin’s racing career.

In 1990 Lorne started working for Fin, and in those early days it was just the two of them running the show.

Lorne is now Workshop Manager, coordinating all servicing, MOTs, preparing bikes for sale and liaising with all other workshop staff.

Lorne’s favourite riders are Wayne Rainey and Valentino Rossi, both loyal Yamaha riders.



Ashley’s dad used to race with Bemsee. This enjoyment of bikes passed on to Ashley and he started riding on a little Suzuki JR50 when he was about 4.

As a teenager, Ashley attended motorcross trials and track days but now he’s more inclined towards trips to Brands Hatch and Moto GP fixtures in Europe as a spectator.

In 2004 Ashley joined Fins on work experience which led to an apprenticeship, and now he is a firm fixture in the workshop, providing MOTs, services, deliveries and covering sales (and banter).

Ashley’s favourite riders are Valentino Rossi and Kevin Schwantz.



Tony’s, AKA Chips, interest in motorbikes began with a Suzuki AP50 but he currently owns a Suzuki GSZR 1000 and a Yamaha Fazer 1000.

In his spare time, Chips is a pilot and has a passion for attending air shows. He tends to combine a bike ride with visits to air shows all over the country.

Chips has been working at Fins since 2012 as a technician and MOT tester. His speciality is electrics and repairing alarms.

Barry Sheen is his favourite motor cycle hero because he was the only British motorcycle rider at the time and was a successful and flamboyant character.

His current favour rider is Shane “Shakey” Byrne and of course he follows Monica Isaac, Fins very own Bemsee superstar.



For many years Phil was a dispatch rider braving all weathers day and night.

In those days, the machine of choice was a trusted Honda CX500, known as the Plastic Maggot. Phil’s enthusiastic riding style resulted in the footrest being ground away to nothing.

On the race track, Phil has competed on all manner of machines from the early LC Yamaha days to current classes such as the Suzuki Mini Twins.

Phil joined Fins in 1996 and has done almost every role possible, but his biggest challenge will be when he marries his schoolgirl sweetheart later in 2016.

Phil’s favour riders are Barry Sheene, Kevin Schwantz and of course Valentino Rossi



Sam has been riding for several years, currently he owns a 125 Suzuki VanVan which uses to get to and from work. For a while Sam was part of a biker club ‘Dragon Nights’ which involved going to other club meets, going for rides and just having fun.

Although not involved with racing, Sam enjoys watching the racing and attended the Silverstone GP in 2015.

Since 2014 Sam has worked part time at Fins in addition to his other part time job at Wheels for All.

Daily duties include working alongside Phil including valeting of bikes ready for the showroom, and helps with deliveries/collections.

Favourite motorcycle rider?

Who’s your favourite Motorcycle rider? Valentino Rossi Why? “He’s been winning a lot of races.”